The Blockchain solution for beverages.



Our Blockchain interface will allow our consumers to know the origin of their drinks starting in the fields all the way to their glass.

Digital Certification

We collect production history and ownership of a beverage to create a permanent and irrevocable record on the Blockchain. This digital information is used by various stakeholders across a supply chain to verify authenticity. Consumers will not only know how their drink was made, but they will also have the guarantee that they are acquiring an authentic product and not a counterfeit one.

Blockchain Technology

TraceMyDrinks offers transparency by building Blockchains. This allows us high security through permissioned controls in Blockchains. Once all parties agree and participate in this project, transaction times will be reduced considerably and it will be 100 % paperless due to all documents being digitalized.

Smart Contract

We will be using Smart Contracts to certify the authenticity and quality of spirits and wine. All the production related processes will be stored on the Blockchain. The introduced data will be verify by all parties irrevocable once introduced. The relevant information will be accessible by scanning a smart label on the bottle.

3Billion Euros in sales lost each year.
4800Jobs lost each year in the drinks industry.
1Billion Euros lost in taxes each year.
30Percent of all alcohol consumed thought to be counterfeit.


  • Tristram Borgmann
    Tristram Borgmann
    A German/Mexican Business Developer and expert in international business who over the last 25 years has launched and developed several Brands including Tequila Tristan.
  • Eduard Céspedes
    Eduard Céspedes
    Passionate Software Architect that is always learning and improving, bringing his knowledge on latest technologies and best practices to companies around the world.
  • Ángel Jara
    Ángel Jara
    Passionate front developer specialist in Angular, RxJS, Sass, React Native, Graphql, etc. Always on top of the newest UI technologies!
  • Mikko Sillanpää
    Mikko Sillanpää
    An IxD/UX Designer looking to simplify and perfect human-computer interactions and create beautiful webpages and intuitive apps!


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